These workshops will be offered at 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturday.

Stories from the Grandpas

This session is about climate change, grandchildren, faith, mortality and courage.  Come hear the stories from these grandpas about how they woke up to the severity of climate change, and what compels them to now be willing to risk arrest through civil disobedience when it is called for.  Hear the stories of these elders and share yours as we struggle together as people of faith to know how to respond to this critical moment in history. 

Rev. Gary Grafwallner, St. Andrew, Beaverton; Dick Harmon, Salt and Light, Portland; Fraser Rasmussen, Central, Portland; Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin, Wilderness Way, Portland

‘Moving Through’ – Finding the Future

You’ve heard the term “Transformational Ministry.” “Trans” is “though.” “Formation” is shaping. How might your congregation shape its ministry for effective engagement as we all move through the twists and turns of a rapidly changing culture? More than that, what are we doing together as we move into tomorrow and how can you participate? Hear from Bp. Dave Brauer-Rieke and transformational leaders from around the synod about what is happening right now and where you fit in.

Bp. Dave Brauer-Rieke; Rev. David Epplesheimer, Community of ChristChurch, Hillsboro; Rev. Brennen Guillory, Faith, Junction City; Rev. Travis Larsen, Peace, Pendleton

Cry of the Refugee

We have a heart for refugees. Several Oregon Synod congregations have hosted refugee families in the past as they begin a new life, and there is no more wonderful partner than our own Lutheran Community Services Northwest! Learn about what’s on the horizon, and how you can help!

Salah Ansary, Director, Lutheran Community Services Northwest Portland Office

Grantwriting for Congregations, Ministries, and Communities

Join Synod Vice President Deb Chenoweth for this nuts and bolts workshop. Deb knows her way around a grant application having written grants totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in the private, government, and public sectors over her career, including the foundation and funding of the FISH Food Bank in Hood River with her home congregation. Deb will present tools and tactics for identifying potential partners for investment in your project. She will also address how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘mission drift’ (following the money instead of the true vision for an organization or endeavor).

Debby Chenoweth, Vice President, Oregon Synod

Hunger in the Forefront

We in the ELCA care about the hungry! Oregon does too, yet 15% of Oregon families face some degree of food insecurity every year. Come hear how you and your congregation can help in partnership with the ELCA as a whole. Our ELCA Domestic Hunger Program has congregational grants to help you empower, partner, minister and work for a hunger free Oregon.

Joe Young, Director for Community Development, ELCA World Hunger

Creating an Annual Funding Plan

In this workshop we will help you create your Annual Funding Calendar for your Faith Community. Collaborating with both presenters and other participants, you will leave this workshop ready to integrate the three main funding streams (Plate & Pledge, Friends of, and Legacy Giving) into your annual church calendar.

Rev. Glenn Chase, Oregon Synod Director of Evangelical Mission; Megan Webber, Oregon Synod Endowment Board; Beth Adams, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation