LUTHER the Movie

Cinema 21 and Oregon Lutherans are proud to present:

One showing only - Sunday, November 19, 2017 4:00 PM
Cinema 21 - 616 NW 21st Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209
Buy Your Tickets Here - $8.00 General Admission. $7.50 Students with ID. $7.00 Seniors 62+ and children.

(A portion of all tickets sales will be donated to Lutheran Disaster Response,
100% of which will go for direct aid for those affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico.)


LUTHER, the film, will transport you to an extraordinary era in world history!

From today's perspective, the 16th century was a gruesome age. People toiled from sunup to sundown, surrendering the meager fruits of their labors for the appetites of brutish landlords and distant rulers. Wars, disease, and famine brought suffering and death to millions. Superstition, spawned by illiteracy filled hearts and minds with terror. Hope was not for this life but in the promise of the next.Yet, it was this very century that saw the emergence of the modern age. Gutenberg invented the art of printing; Copernicus showed that the earth revolved around the sun and thus was merely a part - not the center - of the universe; and Martin Luther was both cause and catalyst for fundamental and extreme social, political, and religious change.

Our American context today is different, but disruption, injustice and social division find the stars aligning for a modern day movement of sanity and spirit once again! LUTHER tells the story of a brilliant, spiritually driven man who recovers the sacred core of his own being. This realization gives Luther the conviction and passion necessary to challenge the tyranny of both Church and State structures. Secure in his beliefs, Luther refuses to retract his confrontational writings, even as the world he was born into crumbles.

Cinema 21 and Lutherans in Oregon offer this film knowing it will provoke and encourage the reformer in each person who sees it. What are the pressures of your life? What political or religious forces encourage, or cause affront to, your deepest help passions, hopes and dream. LUTHER has walked in your shoes and calls you out